Welcome to the Online Learning Portal of CATS

CATS was founded by the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and has been operating in South Africa since 1985. The programme was adapted from the German Dual System, and it integrates theoretical learning with that of practical experience within the workplace.

CATS Namibia was transferred to the Namibian context in 2004. This 2 year vocational training program leads to a certification of competency which is proposed to be accredited by the Polytechnic of Namibia and that is accepted and recognised by the European Union through the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • Skills development is an investment in the future
  • Namibias ability to become a competitive global player is highly dependent on a skilled and educated workforce
  • Black empowerment will only be effective and sustainable when young Namibians are equipped with fundamental world class business administration knowledge and skills
  • Unemployment and crime can be reduced when the youth is equipped for the world of work
  • The acceleration of change in today´s business world requires learning in which theory and practice complement each other
  • CATS is the vehicle through which this can be achieved
  • CATS meets the needs of the private and public sector for training
  • CATS assists the participating companies and institutions to comply with affirmative action requirements of its human resource development