The 4x4Diet Health Academy strives to make knowledge and training about good health and maintaining  positive lifestyles available to all people throughout Africa.

Through connected learning at the speed of need, 4x4Diet has the means to reach out to people with information on disease prevention and health promotion by designing courses available through all new media devices.

4x4Diet introduces basic principles of health awareness and encourages students to build on their knowledge, which helps them to develop critical thinking.

Through its courses, 4x4Diet provides health guidance in terms easily understood by a wide range of people, and in consideration of cultural sensitivities and traditions.

The “e” in eLearning is for electronic learning, in which the learner uses a computer to learn a task, skill, or process. You may also refer to it as computer-based training, web-based training, and online learning. We, for instance, call our eLearning platform the ePOrtal Africa, others may call it Virtual Learning Centre..

This is a practical short-course designed to to help you learn how to effectively use the online Moodle based learning management system software  

Relax, enjoy and happy online tutoring!

WHO This is a problem-based case orientated training programme aimed specifically to assist health care workers in the dissemination of the WHO guidelines on the HIV and prevention and care among MSM and Transgender people in South Africa and the ESA Community.

The programme begins with an overview of identifying and diagnosing HIV positive patients, managing their opportunistic infections, co-infection with TB, paediatric HIV, ethical considerations and initiating and managing your patients on Antiretroviral Therapy.

ECF was the lead in a project funded by the German Backup Initiative (GIZ) for the development of a training program on the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on STI and HIV prevention and care among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people. Visit our website on www.ecarefoundation.com or email info@ecarefoundation.com for more information.