The Citizen Action Project (CAP) is a multi-stakeholder Namibian initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from all citizens and private sector entities to collaborate and form a united movement towards a government that promotes transparency, empowers citizens, fights corruption, and harnesses new technologies to strengthen governance.

CAP is transforming Namibian society into embracing open governance to improve and support our environmental, economic and political systems to work for all of us.

CAP is a linked network of Namibia’s progressive thinkers committed to help government work better for people through transparency, participation and accountability and who collectively generate  and exchange ideas to implement innovations for Namibia’s society.

CAP introduces alternative and interactive democratic participatory mechanisms to engage more Namibians within a civic activist culture as well as enhancing citizen’s access to public information.

To that end, CAP advocates a civic culture among politicians where all arguments and decisions are made public. This to renders populist, discriminatory and divisive narratives obsolete and deepens the penetration of democracy into our communities. Then, as a Nation, we can effectively attend to the growing demands of our  marginalised communities through a well-organised support network.